One of the things that makes our barn venue so unique is that we offer on-site lodging for up to 14 adults {with additional room for children}. This allows you to alleviate some of the stress of time constraints and host additional aspects of your celebration at the farm.

All of our rental packages highlight what makes us so unique for a barn venue: our on-site accommodations. Couples love the ability to spend a night {or multiple nights} at the farm! Depending on the package chosen, you can get additional set-up time, tear-down time, or both!

Additional set-up time allows for arrival the day before your celebration to begin setting up + decorating and then host a rehearsal + rehearsal dinner at the farm that evening, with ample room to host a dinner party of the size of your choosing. Additionally, this allows the freedom to cook your own food as opposed to having to pay to have the dinner catered. Then on the day of your wedding you are free to focus on the most important part of your celebration, YOU.

Additional tear-down time means you don't have to worry about ending your celebration, tearing down, + packing up on the night of your wedding. NO MORE CLOCK WATCHING ON YOUR SPECIAL NIGHT! You can wake up the next morning, have a nice brunch with your friends + family, maybe even do a gift opening, and take your time cleaning up + gathering your things.

Combine both additional set-up + tear-down time and you have the recipe for something truly magical! What better way to enjoy your wedding celebration than by turning it into a multi-day celebration without the stress of time, but instead more time spent with the ones you love?! 

{BONUS} Factor in all the money you can save by:
+ Hosting an on-site rehearsal + rehearsal dinner {no need to pay an additional venue}
+ Catering your rehearsal dinner if you so choose {no need to pay a caterer/restaurant}
+ Lodging yourselves + your wedding party {no need to pay for hotel rooms}
+ Eliminating travel between portions of your day {no need for a limo, taxi, etc.}
+ Making your celebration less stressful + spending more time with loved ones {PRICELESS}

Check out images of our beautiful lodging accommodations with additional information below.



+ Two separate rooms
+ Sleeps four {4}
+ Ample closet space
+ Air-conditioned/ heated
+ No attached bathroom {nearby indoor access to Villa + bathroom}


+ Tuscan style + feel
+ Sleeps ten {10}
+ Towels + linens included
+ Billiards room
+ Four {4} fireplaces
+ Three {3} living spaces
+ Fully-stocked kitchen, except food
+ Free fiber-optic WiFi
+ Outdoor patio spaces
+ Multiple balconies