Reception + Ceremony
Floor Plans + Set-Up

We've created the floor plans, so you don't have to! We will be reaching out approximately 3-4 weeks prior to your event to inquire about which floor plan you would like set up. If you aren't pleased with any of our options, you are more than welcome to setup your own custom design. Please note that the set-up included in your booking is for our designated reception + ceremony locations. If you choose to have your ceremony + reception somewhere else on the property and would like our help setting up, we are happy to help for an added fee. 

For more specific information about each of our spaces and pictures, click HERE.

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Click here for layout recommendation for guest counts of 300


White: seats 158
+ Green: seats 214
+ Yellow: seats 256
+ Orange: seats 270

Blue: Head Table
Red: Buffet Line {if needed}


White: seats 144
+ Green: seats 216
+ Yellow: seats 252
+ Orange: seats 276

Blue: Head Table
Red: Buffet Line {if needed}


Custom layouts can be deceptively tricky as the spacing between poles vary. We've provide our space measurements to assist in your planning. We will happily give you feedback and suggestions to ensure your dream design is perfect for your day. 


Lean-To {with added 16' wide Pergola}