Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Golden Oak Farm located?

Our address is 5275 Lonsdale Boulevard West, Webster, MN, just 12 miles west of Northfield!
From the North: Take 35W southbound. Exit at Exit 69 and turn right, towards Lonsdale. Continue west on Hwy 19 (Lonsdale Blvd) for a few miles - Golden Oak Farm will be on the right hand side. Look for the beautiful brown fencing!
From the South: Take 35 northbound. Exit at Exit 69 and turn left, towards Lonsdale. Continue west on Hwy 19 (Lonsdale Blvd) for a few miles - Golden Oak Farm will be on the right hand side. Look for the beautiful brown fencing!

You can see a map HERE.

How big is the property? Do we have access to all of it?

Golden Oak Farm is nestled in 100 acres of rolling hills - and yes, you have access to all of it, including the antique barn and guest house! Feel free to hike and explore the woods and creek area. Just be aware that we are a farm with animals so it is absolutely imperative that gates stayed locked.  Llamas running around your wedding may sound more fun than the reality.

How many people does the property sleep?

Combined, the Main Villa + Pavilion Loft sleep fourteen people.

Are people allowed to bring tents and campers?

Unfortunately, we are no longer allowed to have people camp at Golden Oak Farm due to county restrictions.

Where do our guests park?

Your guests can park in the west pasture. If you would prefer an ensured “mud free parking experience”, we can put you in touch with a shuttle service at your own expense. 

Do you have any heated / cooled spaces for our guests?

All living spaces are heated and cooled for your house guests. For all other guests, our Pavilion is our climate-controlled space that offers both heating + cooling. We also have two industrial sized fans should you need to cool off.  If the weather is on the chillier side, we have two large space heaters that we will set up.

Are there bathrooms for our guests to use?

Yes - of course, those who are staying in the house / your bridal party are able to use those restrooms. The rest of your guests may use our onsite luxury trailer with flush able toilets and an ADA stall.

Does the farm have a caterer?

Find our caterers as well as other preferred vendors here.

Are we allowed to have alcohol?

Yes - you are able to bring your own alcohol. For safety + liability reasons, we require that you hire a licensed and insured bartender to serve alcoholic beverages at your event.

Who do you suggest we use for tent rental? Vintage Furniture? Etc.?

We have preferred vendors that we love to work with - click HERE to see the list.

Do people have groom's dinners at the farm?

Of course! If you choose to book a weekend rental package, you are more than welcome to use the farm for all aspects of your big day.  Otherwise, email Claire to inquire on availability.

Can we take our engagement photos at the farm?

Yes! You are welcome to take your engagement photos at the barn after you have provided us with your save-the-date and security deposits. We require that all engagement sessions are done during the week (Monday - Thursday) and you give us a heads up!

Do you set up for us? Do you handle transitions?

We do basic table, chair and bench set up for you. We ask that you provide us with your ceremony and reception locations, along with guest counts at least a week prior to your event. If you do not like the floor plans we have created, you are welcome to do the table and chair set up yourself - just let us know in advance. We assist in weather related last minute set-up and moves, any last minute flips that are not weather related we are not responsible for. 

You can see our designated ceremony + reception spots, along with floor plans HERE. For more specific information about each of our spaces and pictures, click HERE.

Do you decorate for us?

No, you are in charge of decorating the property as you desire. 

Do you have any decorating limitations?

No open flame or bubbles in the barn. No glitter, confetti, or silly string in any space. If you put a nail somewhere, we ask that all are removed at the end of your event.

Do you require any insurance?

We require all of our couples to have event insurance. It is approximately $1/guest. Please ask us for the specifics or refer to your contract as our recommended insurer is listed there.

Is an officiant available?

Yes - please contact us directly to inquire about officiant services. 

What on-site coordinator services do you provide?

We have a Venue Coordinator for all weddings hosted at Golden Oak Farm. The Venue Coordinator will be your point of contact before + during your event.  They are not your wedding planner or personal assistant, they are there to assist and answer venue specific questions and assist vendors in their set up.