Brightsmith-Thinking Workshop


What would happen if we took time-away from our offices & daily routines-just to think?

Join us Tuesday, June 4th to find out.

Workshop #1: Grappling with Religion with Professor Trish Beckman

Religion, like politics, is something we’re taught not to talk about, particularly at the dinner table. But knowledge of the beautiful diverse world of religions and life philosophies is necessary to successfully navigate the pluralist world we live in. And to name our own deepest convictions. Trish will have us engage in spirited conversations, ask the hard questions of one another, disagree not from invincibility but from mutual vulnerability. And she’ll help us try on with empathy other worldviews, hear others’ stories, assess their views and compare them to our own. We’ll avoid the trite “that’s true to you” and the sanctimonious “I know truth” all with the goal of deepening our connections with each other and fostering a mindful approach to our deepest convictions.

Workshop #2: Practicing the Uncomfortable with Business Leader Sarah Oquist

Have you ever looked back at an interaction and wondered what would have happened if you or the other person reacted differently? What a do-over might look like if done sincerely and with humility? Sarah uses storytelling to illustrate how preparing for certain situations can make the uncomfortable much more comfortable.The trick is to practice, with intention, and to be curious and committed enough to want to do better.

Workshop #3: Exploring Possibility Through Music with Professor Andy Flory

Do you know your creative limits? This workshop will use music to challenge our notions of what is possible. We will start by talking about how records are made and recent developments that allow just about anyone to harness their musical ideas. Then, using only the ideas and talents of the group, we will collectively write and record an original song from scratch. After stripping away inhibitions and preconceived notions of expertise, you will be stunned at what we’re able to accomplish.