Our Farm

Golden Oak Farm is an elegant event venue in Southern Minnesota. With woodsy ceremony sites, a 100 year old barn, reception area, and a villa that sleeps 14 our farm is perfect for weddings, family reunions, crafting retreats, and so much more. Tucked away in the countryside, our farm is conveniently located twelve miles west of Northfield on Highway 19 and just 30 miles south of the Twin Cities.  Nestled in our one hundred acres, we offer several different available spaces for your event, all surrounded by the beauty and sounds of nature.  

Our Story

Over 100 years ago a brave and adventurous family decided to make their homestead in Webster, Minnesota. They worked tirelessly, building with materials they found on the land. Trees were cut, boulders were moved, and this paradise was created.

Through the years babies were born, children were raised, families came and went and the cows got milked.  

Golden Oak started as a dairy farm, later transitioning to a horse farm where rescued horses found refuge. Now, llamas and cows peacefully wander the grounds, occasionally harassed by our family dog.  Generations of kids explored our land and hiked these hills.  Growing up, our kids would go on adventures in these woods, building forts and playing in the creek, coming home for dinner covered in mud and grinning ear to ear.

Over the last few years the farm has taken on yet another identity.  We've been working tirelessly to create a magical place for families to celebrate weddings and other important events.  During our journey we've met so many wonderful families that only reaffirm our passion that we have for running our farm as an event venue. 

You'll see touches from the past at Golden Oak.  You'll find original, hand hewn boards in our barn.  The historic farm house is still the core and foundation of our villa. Our guest house was once a corn crib and now offers a lovely space for brides to get ready for their big day.

The farm is ours for now.  Who knows what generations down the road will be inspired to do.  Our goal is to continue making memories at Golden Oak Farm to give future generations a gift that they will forever be able to cherish and nurture.

Our Mission

We operate our farm with you in mind. We've tailored each room and space to make sure your stay is enjoyable, relaxing and memorable. We hope our attention to detail and desire to pamper you shines through each and every moment of your event.